There are few games that have improved over time as much as Destiny. The final incarnation of the original was quite astounding, having a feverish fanbase, battling to protect Earth on a daily basis. 

Rather than continuing to release expansions, such The Taken King and Rise of Iron, Bungie has decided on a fully fledged sequel, Destiny 2.

With the BETA incoming, the developers have spent some time answering The Independent’s questions on upcoming villain, General Dominus Ghaul. Here’s what they told us over email.

Tell us little about Ghaul’s story?

Destiny 2 features a brand new villain we think you’ll love to fight. Ghaul is the hero of his own story, the commander of the Cabal Red Legion. He’s a conqueror who has never known defeat, and now he’s come to Earth to claim the Traveller for himself.

Destiny 2 – Trailer

What has instilled his hatred of humans?

Ghaul believes that the Traveller chose poorly when it made humanity the heroes of the Light. His attack on the last safe City is a bid to undo that injustice and capture the incredible powers that make us heroes. His mission is to install the Cabal as the new Guardians.

Why should gamers be afraid of him?

This is the most dreaded and powerful enemy that players of Destiny have ever faced. In the opening act, he reduces us to mere mortals and sends us staggering into the wild to regroup and recover. If you’re not afraid of Ghaul as you begin to play Destiny 2, you will be as you finish the first mission.

Where have you looked for inspiration for the character? Lots of people are pointing to Bain and a little Darth Vader.

In one of the videos released during the Gameplay Premiere in May, Luke Smith refers to Ghaul being like “Alan Rickman’s character from Die Hard.” This is a joke, of course, but it points to the confidence, intelligence, and deadly intent that he brings to Earth as he arrives with his attack fleet.

Destiny 2 – Gameplay Reveal Trailer

How will his inclusion make Destiny 2 different to the first? 

We’ve placed a lot of emphasis on telling a story that centres on the loss of our home, and what lengths our heroes will go to reclaim it. This new story is driven by characters you’ll remember from previous Destiny adventures, as well as new ones you’ll meet in the wild. We’re raising the stakes with this new enemy. Guardians are fighting for their very survival. Their mission is to master new forms of power we can use to fight back.

How powerful is Ghaul? Are we to expect a massive boss battle?

Dominus Ghaul is the most powerful enemy the Guardians have yet to face. The Red Legion are also a new threat to confront, featuring all new units like the Incendior, the Gladiator, and the War Beast. Destiny 2 will also reintroduce five additional enemy combatant races throughout the story campaign and the adventures that unfold on each of the four new worlds.

What lessons have you learnt from the first, and expansions, that you want to improve on for the sequel?

Just about every aspect of the Destiny player experience has been enhanced or rebuilt. The story we’re telling is bigger than any we’ve told, with more missions and cinematics than the Guardians have ever seen. The Crucible is new and refined in some exciting new ways. Exploring the worlds of the game features more variety of action. The list goes on. There will be many things for players to discover upon launch.

Destiny 2 beta is playable for everyone on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd July.